BUild a Better Bunker – I Am Legend

Primal man, hunting the mastodon. 

many heads becoming one. 

in most cases I think people would love so much to become cyborgs. we already are. 

fusing with our fictions. 
I read and sometimes feel that
we have at the root of our brains
a fully intact reptile brain. 
I read that the crocodile’s brain experiences no time, 
there isn’t a little temporal vibrator in there, 

we vibrate the clock inside and so
make it outside. 

The work is grand, 
the inspiration moderate, 
the path, epic. 

I don’t know how to say it, 
turtles turtles all the way down,

they are equally as disorganized as the circus,
but there is a fusion of moments and it all depends on all the shots, a fusion of all the visions, and
that chrysalis moment where the trick occurs,
the transaction with the forces, 

so it really does make a difference
to represent your version of the prism, 
that old …” when i see that color, is it the same color you see” game. 
That old “no one enlightened until we all are.” 

I have a new tutor, it’s nickname is work ethic. 
“I am becoming a bruiser.”
-First days working on I Am Legend, NYC 9/25/2006