Paradox’s leadership was essential in creating the world of SEE. There are no adequate words to describe the value of his work and it is nearly impossible to quantify. He is magnificently skilled at taking an idea and boiling it down to its nascent truth. Then, through a process entirely unique to his practice, he is able to nurture this idea to its fully embodied form and provide magical tools for its execution. He is truly an alchemist. Aside from drumming life into the story as a whole, his work with individual actors and players was both limitless and tremendously focused. Paradox creates an environment of safety and works from a deep place. He provides nutrient-dense soil for artists to plant their seeds of creativity. My work is endlessly enriched by his presence. From the beginning phase of creating Bow Lion, to the everyday decisions I made on set, Paradox was a beacon of support and guidance. The work we did together is precious to me and it will be a source of inspiration for the rest of my career. To anyone who desires to enrich their storytelling, I wholeheartedly recommend Paradox. I would jump at the chance to work with him again.