Batgirl: Behind the Fights

[fusion_text]fightChoreographing the action on Batgirl: Spoiled continues to be an amazing experience!  Not only do I have the esteemed privilege of working with such a talented cast, but the crew put together this spectacular piece featuring the magic we do behind the FIGHTS.  I’m truly humbled by the amazing support and effort surrounding this project…and we’ve only just begun!

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Batgirl: Spoiled Episode 1

The wait is over!  You can watch Episode 1: Blindsided right now…right here!  The ball is rolling so get ready for a full season of fist throwing, roof jumping, Batgirl action!  I’m very excited about the launch and so is MTV!  You can read their article on the series premier HERE.  Time to get back to work, with this amazing team!!!

Batgirl: Spoiled Trailer

We’re all very excited as Batgirl the Web Series comes to life.  Follow us on Facebook to find out more about episode 1 coming soon!  Till then enjoy this full trailer with Marisha Ray, showing us once again why she deserves to wear the mask.  Also a big thanks to all my vicious thugs!